Ends on July 31, 2019

Upcoming anthology for our new subdivision called Unincorporated is seeking submissions.  

We are seeking work about social justice. This can range from actual personal experiences to works of fiction (open to genre) that allow people to expand their perspective on what social justice means and the effects and after effects in our society. Work can range from historical to present to possible futures or a combination thereof. 

General guidelines:

Flash : 50-1500 words

Short Fiction : 1500-4000 words

Micro Essays : 50-500 words

Nonfiction : 1500-4000 words

Poetry : 3 pieces, open to all styles including experimental

Deadline: December 15, 2019


For this anthology previously published pieces are accepted. There is no need to withdraw work that gets published elsewhere. Please include any links, issue information, and contact information for any previous publication.

Accepted works will be published in an online anthology and gathered into a PDF. All contributors receive a PDF.